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From secondary onwards schools are looking for more from outdoor education. Students may have already experienced many adventure activities and team building exercises. It’s time to step up the challenge with a greater emphasis on student leadership and ownership, and focus on developing specific capabilities.

Be challenged, be a leader,
Make a Difference

Amazing Activities

Building on the foundation set in primary years, Dragonfly offers different activity themes for ongoing development. These include water-based activities, rock-based activities, navigation, nature & environment, survival & first-aid, improvised building, team building, and culture & community. We dial up the challenge to provide unique growth opportunities!

Locations that Inspire

With courses in Hong Kong SAR, China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, our program locations cover everything from ocean reefs to snowy peaks. Select from easy travel options in Southern China, from Yunnan in the west to Fujian in the east. In Japan, we take participants to Hokkaido in the north and to the small southern islands of Okinawa. Sabah in Borneo Malaysia is always special, and northern Thailand is a must-do location.

Program Options

At the younger end of secondary students are still discovering their interests. Older students have done and experienced a lot more and are ready to dive deeper into their passions. For this reason our courses progress in a way that allows them to hone a particular interest or skill.

Foundational Programs

These are multi-activity programs that integrate adventure, culture, environment and service. They build on prior experiences to prepare students for opportunities that are more demanding, and require greater focus, commitment and maturity.

Activity-specific Programs

These programs focus on a particular adventure activity. For students that want to take their rock climbing to another level, become strong kayakers, learn to scuba, or do some scenic and challenging bike rides, Dragonfly has multiple options.

Journey-based Programs

These are expedition style programs similar in nature to Duke of Edinburgh or Award for Young People courses. These often involve camping, meal planning, camp cooking and navigation yet also integrate kayaking, hiking or biking.

Leadership and Mentorship

Programs focused on leadership by giving students practical experience. The Mentorship Program trains students to take an assistant group leader role on programs, teaching group management, basic safety, equipment support, and more.

Service Ambassadors

Ambassador programs involve a small group of student leaders going to the project location in advance, to coordinate the initial processes of service learning: investigation and planning. They then return to school and serve as the project leaders.

Mandarin and Chinese Culture

These programs quickly build language skills by integrating into a local school in China. Mornings are dedicated to in-school lessons, while afternoons and evenings students join a range of cultural, adventure and service activities.

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