For over two decades we have been a pioneer in outdoor learning in China

Yangshuo, Guangxi

The beautiful karst landscape surrounding Yangshuo is like a Chinese painting, with clean rivers and soaring limestone peaks. The region is home to some of the best outdoor activities in China, including incredible rock climbing, excellent mountain biking, kayaking on the Li River, and overnight camping. Dragonfly programs include meaningful service projects and the chance to explore local culture and traditions. Also, ask us about our integrated immersive Mandarin program for schools!

Key Activities

Biking, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Kayaking, Camping, Orienteering, Caving, Farming, Community Service, Chinese Cooking, Chinese Fan Painting and Landscape Painting, Tea Farming, Cormorant Fishing, Team and Leadership activities.

Lijiang and Shaxi, Yunnan

Located in the southwestern corner of China, Lijiang and Shaxi are rich in local culture and history. The program is focused within the Yi village of Shaxi. It was once a stop on the Tea and Horse Caravan Trail and is home to many historical sites including the Shibaoshan Buddhist Grottoes, temples, and magnificent 1300-year-old statues. There is an emphasis on service learning, with projects in agriculture and sustainability. Lijiang Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a great excursion.

Key Activities 

Hike to Shibaoshan, Biking through villages, Visiting historical sites, Community Service, Camping, Homestay, Lijiang Old Town, Orienteering, Naxi Embroidery, Dancing, Market Visit, Woodcarving, Team and Leadership Activities. 

Zhangzhou, Fujian

Fujian is a region of steep mountains, river valleys and a subtropical coastline. What makes this site truly unique are the historical Tulou Hakka villages, a UNESCO World Heritage site. These ancient multi-story round houses are made of mud and wood, and once housed hundreds of people. Our students stay in the round houses, enjoy the quiet village, experience the local culture, bike along the river, commit to service projects, learn about Feng Shui and more.

Key Activities

Biking the village, Tulou (round house) Exploration, Temple Visits, Community Service Projects, Hakka Puppetry, Chinese Ink Painting, Tea Farm, Team and Leadership Activities.

Qingyuan, Guangdong

Close to the major cities in the Greater Bay Area, Qingyuan has karst mountain scenery like Yangshuo, but without the tourism. Qingyuan provides participants with an exceptional picture of rural life in southern China. It has some of our favourite biking routes, through rice fields and beautiful landscapes. The geography makes for a unique cave mapping activity and excellent rock climbing. Cultural activities include farming, tofu making, and the Pan Family Home.

Key Activities

Biking, Rock Climbing, Caving and Cave Mapping, Kayaking, Raft Building, Camping, Orienteering, Community Service, Cooking, Pan Family Home, Farming, Tofu Factory, Team and Leadership Activities.

Shaoguan, Guangdong

Shaoguan is easy to get to from the Greater Bay Area cities, and the National Forest Park makes a perfect base. The Park is well-known for its red sandstone rock formations. Hiking in the National Park offers a range of routes and challenge. The cycling here is excellent, as students pedal along paved rural and dirt roads. The river is ideal for kayaking, and for team activities like raft building and catapult making. We also work with local volunteers on community service projects.

Key Activities

Hiking in a National Forest, Biking, Kayaking, Raft Building, Catapult Building, Basket Making, Community Service Projects, Team and Leadership Activities.

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