Primary School Programs

Getting Started

Outdoor learning programs are a highlight of the school year – kayaking, canyoning, camping, cooking – so many amazing adventures are there for us in the outdoors!

For young ones, day trips introduce students to new environments and activities. Overnight programs provide the opportunity for a child to be away from home for the first time. Upper primary programs are often longer and expand the range and depth of activities. Year by year students build skills and confidence.

Success and Challenge​

We have experiences to suit children of all abilities, honing individual strengths for success, and developing confidence in new skills through challenge. Dragonfly’s primary years programs are multi-faceted, with a focus on enjoying nature, being introduced to adventure activities, safety in the outdoors, collaborative games, and environmental activities.

Wide Range of Activities​

Dragonfly offers a diverse range of activities for primary students. All activities are designed with students’ progression in mind, so that they can develop capacity with continued participation in our programs.

activities for everyone

Clear Program Progressions

Over the years Dragonfly has worked with many schools that wanted a comprehensive sequence of activities and skills year on year. That is why Dragonfly has clearly articulated progressions in:


All our activities build skills year by year so students develop with every program. For example, kayaking begins with water competency, basic then advanced paddling, culminating in full-day and journey-based programming.


Our locations are chosen to provide appropriate levels of challenge. Programs for older children tend to be longer in duration and further away from school/home, allowing students to build confidence and independence.


Life skills are also progressive and developed actively and through reflection. Students learn to build positive relationships, connect and collaborate with others, adapt to changing environments and build resilience, for example.


Dragonfly leads programs in the Hong Kong SAR, China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. We are unique in that we develop our own programs from the ground up, and lead activities ourselves. In many cases, we were the first to develop these areas. Our local knowledge and connections assure the utmost attention to safety and understanding of all program elements.

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