Autumn Adventure Day camp
2 - 6 October

Summer may be over but the fun continues with our next holiday camp in October! Join us for 2-days, 3-days, or the whole week as we explore new places, 

new activities, and new challenges. Sign up early to avoid disappointment – and bring your friends along for a special discount!

Please click here if you would like to join the Sai Kung Day Camp,

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Day 1:

Commence battle as we launch our foam grenades across the beach using our very own team-built catapults! Using bamboo and rope, we will learn how to make special knots and brainstorm ways to build a best catapult structure. Next, we will race against the clock as we navigate our way around the village and try to find as many checkpoints as possible, with each stop posing its own unique challenge. Who will win the Great Race?

Day 2:

Come with us as we hike up to a stunning waterfall, scramble through the canyon, and splash out in the pool. A perfect opportunity to learn about the importance of clean water in keeping us safe and hydrated, we will also learn how to collect and use rocks to create a portable water filtration device. 

Day 3:

Taking a short trip on a sampan, we will arrive at our coasteering destination. After putting on helmets and safety harnesses, we will cross the rocky terrain and massive boulders towards a secret beach. Those looking for an extra thrill can try their hand at abseiling whilst taking in the spectacular view of the open sea!

Day 4:

If you were lost in the wild, how would you survive and what methods could you use to signal to others of your whereabouts? This will be our challenge today, as we take part in exciting role play scenarios and learn to solve problems using the nature’s own tools. 


Day 5:

To end the week, we will be putting on our personal floatation devices and taking our kayaks out to sea for a super fun day of water games and paddling! We will learn how to work as pairs or trios to safely orient our kayaks and practice paddling skills with mini challenges along the way.

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