Let's Grow Together

Perhaps more than anything, Dragonfly is about developing people. From our sales team that develops and designs our  programs, to our trainers and instructors who bring those programs to life in the field, we are committed to the complex processes of individual growth and improvement. We desire to not only expose our participants to the great outdoors and the technical skills they can use to enjoy it, but provide them with opportunities and experiences that allow them to discover hidden potential.

We consistently strive to build a team of educators who are passionate about the outdoors, physical activity, inspiring young people, and working with each other.  We look for energetic, positive, flexible, and creative people who enjoy being part of a team, and like to work hard, play hard, and laugh hard! If you are interested in joining a workplace with these characteristics, click the link provided. Your Dragonfly adventure awaits!

- Currently not accepting applications -