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Emotional intelligence is a better indicator of success than IQ and technical skills. Whether getting into the university of your choice, performing as an undergraduate, being accepted to higher degree programs like MBA’s, or getting your preferred job, EQ skills help differentiate an individual from others.

There is a 90% correlation between EQ skills and what moves people up the career ladder.

Because EQ is more valued than ever, having strong emotional intelligence skills is becoming an expectation for future leaders and employees. Harvard teaches EQ as an important part of Strategic Leadership, Yale School of Management gives students EQ tests and coaching, while Stanford Graduate School of Business integrate EQ into multiple courses.

outdoor education


Our courses use EQ measurements, individual debriefing, and are based on-campus or off-site for a multi-day intensive program. Dragonfly puts theory into practice using active methods that conclude with specific personal goals.

EQ Orientation

Beginning university is a big change, with new environments, relationships and expectations. This is a 3-day program preparing students for new challenges, setting goals, discovering personal values, identifying motivation and direction. Understanding what truly drives us helps with making the best decisions going forward in life and career.

EQ for Business and Leaders

Our Management Essentials courses complement university study and give students an advantage as they enter the workforce or apply for an MBA program. These are five modules that can be delivered on or off campus, and focus on EQ skills associated with Trust, Navigating Change, Motivation, Teamwork, and Execution.
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