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Improving emotional intelligence results in many positive outcomes, improved results on exams, increased self-esteem and responsibility towards others, and decreased problem behaviors and emotional distress, among many others.



in achievement test scores



in positive social behaviors

Tomorrow’s Leaders focuses on developing life-long skills for better relationships, confidence in one’s abilities, internal motivation, personal satisfaction and achievement, and health. It is ideally suited for 14 to 17-year olds.

The program is flexible, with five modules that can be taught individually or bundled into multi-day courses. Schools and organisations can choose a course that fits into a one-week program, or opt for one-day modules that are completed over a longer period of time.

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The Modules

Dragonfly makes learning practical and relevant, with group work, thought provoking videos, individual EQ assessments, and activities that support the transference to everyday life. The modules use Six Seconds models and structure, beginning with the Know-Choose-Give model and related competencies and elements of the Team Vital Signs.

Team Action Change Motivation Trust VISION OU T C OME G L O B A L LOCAL

Being the Difference

Although young people often appear outwardly confident, constantly taking and publishing photos of themselves, this confidence is often missing from their academic work.

Choosing a Path

Having goals gives us direction and purpose, allowing us to progress forward with meaning. Starting from dreams, we can breakdown the components needed to make these ambitions reality: dreams become goals, goals become targets, each with its own measurable steps and timeframe assigned.

Growing through Change

Change and growth can be challenging. It involves risk, moving outside what is safe and known to exploring and trying new options. By better understanding emotions and the information they give, we can move from frustration and fear of change to excitement for new possibilities and the courage to act. Reflecting on actions creates curiosity that drives an ongoing cycle of positive change.

Agreeing for Success

The basis of teamwork and achievement is a safe environment, openness to multiple perspectives, effective communication and a willingness to compromise or change to accomplish consensus. Students will explore different methods of creating and agreeing to shared goals, as well as reviewing and building on past experiences.

Breaking the Mold

Habits are useful things, but sometimes we can find ourselves stuck with a habit that limits us. Using examples and models we can examine these patterns and evaluate the benefits and the costs that come with them. Then, with this knowledge, create a plan to either promote or remove the habit.

Looking to the Future

A five-day course would be an ideal fit for Grade 11/12 (Year 12/13) students ending their secondary studies, setting goals for further education and employment.

In-Depth Development Strategies

Get detailed analysis of your child’s emotional intelligence by completing a SEI individual report. This comes with a personalised debrief with one of our certified assessors. A summary of the report and action plan created with the student is communicated to the parents.

Host a Course

The program can be led on school campuses. Work with us to organize a private on-site course, or host an open enrollment program to complement your summer school offerings.

Summer Public Courses in Hong Kong

Join one of our public courses for 14 to 17-year olds next summer. The courses include all 5 modules, the SEI individual EQ report, EQ profiles, separate professional debrief and goal setting, and summary report given to parents. If you would like more information and details, contact us.
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