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Everyone remembers those teachers that inspired them and had an impact on their choices in life. While youth are our future, teachers have an important role in shaping that future. Teaching is also a demanding profession. Research shows that developing emotional intelligence improves quality of life, wellbeing, and relationships- all things that help work-life balance.

These skills can be learned, can be measured, and help us navigate stress, be more compassionate, positively influence others, and make better decisions. EQ can also be applied to a school culture to build a supportive environment, with a shared purpose among all stakeholders.

Integrating emotional intelligence into schools is relatively new and can be difficult to implement at the start. To further this goal, Dragonfly offers professional development sessions and certified EQ courses for teachers and school management, both led by Dragonfly and in collaboration with Six Seconds.

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Contact us if your school would like to host a course. You can choose to make it a private training program, or open to other schools, teachers and the public. Dragonfly and the Six Seconds network will help market public programs. Also, check our events to see if there is a course coming up soon.

Getting Started with EQ

For personal and professional development, an introduction to EQ benefits, models and tools. The half-day session is interactive and provides a faculty with a common starting point from which to go forward. Dragonfly provides this session free of charge to current clients in and near Hong Kong. For others, please inquire about pricing and how Dragonfly can add to your professional development days.

Unlocking EQ

A one-day certified course aimed at helping people integrate EQ into their work and life. It goes deeper into the Six Seconds model and methods, with a focus on taking action. Recent science into the brain and emotions is reviewed. Using the Think-Feel-Act model helps identify patterns and gives a practical tool to use with ourselves and others. The course includes the use of a personal EQ assessment and concludes by clarifying a personal vision and goals for continuing EQ development.

EQ for Educators

This is an intensive 2-day course that focuses on integrating social and emotional learning with in-class teaching and interactions with students. Participants take a SEI, or EQ assessment, prior to the course, and further their own emotional intelligence. Educators will extend their use of practical tools and activities. They will also be able to communicate the value of EQ to school leaders and parents. A prerequisite is to first complete Unlocking EQ.

Management Essentials

School leaders can look at these five workshops focused on Trust, Navigating Change, Motivation, Teamwork and Execution. They are designed as stand-alone workshops and can be bundled together to form a longer more intensive course. Three different EQ measurements and reports are used in total, and clients use these during the workshops to gain insight into themselves and others. Find out more on our Business page.

School Measurements and Reports

Is school climate important to you?

The Educational Vital Signs (EVS) is a statistically validated, normed assessment of school climate. It gets input from stakeholders, typically students, teachers, parents and administrators. Analysing learning, involvement, safety and thriving are key outcomes. Schools can use this tool and receive objective data on stakeholder perceptions.

A report and follow-up consultation reviews outcomes and help in generating next action steps. School leadership teams can look at the Team Vital Signs to help create a shared vision, improve dynamics, increase effectiveness, and drive change initiatives.

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