Yes, we want our children to do well in school, to get good marks on exams, to get better at the piano or violin, to get into a good university, to get a well-paying job, to get married and have a family. That’s a lot of pressure for a child, and more like a to-do list. At a deeper level, we want them to feel joy in their lives, the ability to make good decisions, to be caring towards others, to have good relationships. But what skills do we as parents need to develop in order to encourage and support these pursuits?

Emotional Intelligence is about being smarter with feelings.

To better understand our children, we need to understand our own emotions, patterns of behavior, and what drives us. Learning about feelings provides us with more information. Too often we look only at behavior, and not at root causes. Improving our own emotional intelligence can help us make better decisions for ourselves and our children. That’s why Dragonfly offers these EQ development opportunities for parents.

EQ Cafes

Check out our quarterly EQ cafes. These are free gatherings that focus on a theme, teach more about EQ, bring people together and create connections.

Parent-Teacher Associations

We would like to get more parents in schools involved. Please invite us to come, lead free activities, and connect by:
- Introducing ourselves and the benefits of EQ
- Having PTA leaders participate in EQ assessments and follow up debriefs
- Hosting an EQ Café or workshop

Unlocking EQ

A one-day certified course aimed at helping people integrate EQ into their work and life. It goes deeper into the Six Seconds model and methods, with a focus on taking action. Recent science into the brain and emotions is reviewed. Using the Think-Feel-Act model helps identify patterns and gives a practical tool to use with ourselves and others. The course includes the use of a personal EQ assessment and concludes by clarifying a personal vision and goals for continuing EQ development. Contact us to find out how we can support families and schools.
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