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About half of teachers and pupils in Hong Kong show signs of depression, separate studies find

Admitting there is a problem: About half of Hong Kong teachers and students show signs of depression.

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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence with These 3 Questions

Daniel Goleman, a leader in the field for over 25 years, offers three questions to help improve professionals' EQ

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Sam’s journey from destruction of life to deciding for life

A real life story of how an EQ intervention and outdoor wilderness therapy helped turn around a boy’s life.

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You Value Emotional Intelligence, So Why Don’t You Hire For It?

EQ is a better measurement of future success, yet many managers still hire mostly for technical ability. Are you hiring…

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Decision Making: 3 Practitioners’ stories of leveraging EQ Skills to make better decisions

What most impacts good decision making? Leveraging these EQ skills results in better choices, being more effective, and improving quality…

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Want to Make Better Decisions? Start By Understanding Your Brain–Here’s How

Want to Make Better Decisions? Start By Understanding Your Brain--Here's How.

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