Kayaking Program (4 sessions)

Age: 11 or above

Key Techniques

Water Confidence
Functions of Equipment
Movement Skills

Package Price (HKD)

4 Sessions : $4,800

Date and Location

7 Mar (Sun) – Mui Wo
14 Mar (Sun) – Mui Wo
21 Mar (Sun) – Mui Wo
28 Mar (Sun) – Mui Wo

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Rock Climbing Program (4 sessions)

Age: 14 or above

Key Techniques

Movement techniques
Face Climbing
Slab Climbing
Lead Climbing
Anchors Cleaning

Package Price (HKD)

4 Sessions : $4,200

Date and Location

6 Mar (Sat) – Cheung Chau
13 Mar (Sat) – Yau Tong
20 Mar (Sat) – Ap Lei Chau
27 Mar (Sat) – Temple Crag

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Embark on your voyage with Dragonfly to conquer the coast of Lantau under professional guidance on skills from water confidence to advanced maneuvering. We will discover islands and unique landscapes along the adventure! Participants will receive a certificate after the assessment on the 4th lesson of the program.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Water Confidence

Week One of the Voyager course includes an introduction to kayaking skills, as well as establishing a groundwork of technical knowledge about the different parts and functions of the kayaks, paddles, and safety equipment. They will be introduced to the basics of moving forward and turning efficiently, as well as stopping and reversing.

Week 2: Rescues and Skill Practice

In the second week, students will learn about the specialized safety equipment used to perform kayak rescues, including throw bags and towlines. This will include practicing various assisted and self-rescue techniques, including towing, T-rescues, and reboarding a capsized kayak.

Week 3: Advanced Maneuvering

On this day, students will use their movement skills to navigate technical rock passages, becoming more familiar with quick stops and turns in a constantly changing environment. Students will practice forward and reverse sweeps, rudders, and braces.

Week 4: Kayaking Voyage and Assessment

Students will put their skills to the test by planning and executing their own kayak voyage, including choosing a route, planning checkpoint times, and navigating with a map, compass, and landmarks. In the day, students will face various emergency scenarios in which they’ll demonstrate their skills in order to receive the Dragonfly Coastal Kayaking Certification (CKC).

Rock Climbing

is a dynamic and fun sport getting more and more popularity in recent years. Join us to challenge the scenic coastline and mountains around Hong Kong, including courses at Cheung Chau, Devil's Peak, Ap Lei Pai and Temple Crag. In the 4-session course, you will learn all the skills necessary to climb safely and with confidence in most of the climbing spots in Hong Kong and beyond, including movement techniques, belaying, lead climbing and anchor systems. Participants will receive a certificate after the assessment on the 4th lesson of the program.

Course Schedule

Week 1: Cheung Chau- Rock Confidence

Week one of the Intro to Climbing Course is designed to help students build confidence moving safely on technical rock climbs. Skills introduced include basic movement techniques, climbing commands, and top-rope belaying.

Week 2: Yau Tong- Basics of Anchors

In Week Two, students will expand on basic movement skills with more challenging routes and techniques for moving on low-angle slabs. The day will also include a discussion of climbing anchors and what makes a sound anchor system, and students will be introduced to belaying from the top of pitches and how to safely clean top-rope anchors.

Week 3: Ap Lei Chau- Learning to Lead

In Week 3, students will be introduced to techniques for movement on vertical or overhanging terrain, as well as being introduced to the techniques for Lead Climbing and Belaying. At the end of this lesson, students should have all the knowledge they need to set up and take down their own rock climbs.

Week 4: Temple Crag- Advanced Skills and Assessment

The final week of the course will provide students with the opportunity to review and continue to refine their skills. The site at temple provides an ideal venue for students to demonstrate what they’ve learned in order to earn their Leader On Rock certification (LORC).

Terms & Conditions (Discount)

Use of Early-bird Discount

  1. Dragonfly Limited offers a 5% early-bird discount with promotion code “Lead0321” for the participants of any courses under Learn-to-lead Program.
  2. To be eligible for early-bird discount, a person must finish his/her payment and registration within the Promotion Period from 23 Feb 2021 to 5 Mar 2021.
  3. The Early-bird Discount cannot be used in conjunction with discounts or privileges (unless otherwise specified).
  4. The Early-bird Discount cannot be transferred to another person.
  5. The Early-bird Discount cannot be redeemed for cash in whole or in part.
  6. Dragonfly Limited reserves the right to amend or terminate the terms and conditions relevant to the use of Early-bird Discount without notice at its sole discretion.
  7. Terms and Conditions (General) shall always prevail in any cases of dispute over the Winter Leadership Camp organized by Dragonfly Limited.
  8. In case of any disputes, Dragonfly Limited reserves the right of final decisions.
  9. The Early-bird discount applies to single application only.
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