our approach


our approach

We focus on how emotions can be harnessed to make better decisions. What are at times called “soft skills” often have the biggest impact on our lives. So, why leave them to chance?

Learning to be emotionally intelligent, combining rational and emotional thinking motivates, creates purpose and helps us make better choices. EQ means being smarter with feelings.

Dragonfly integrates an emotional learning curriculum, active instruction and participation, and the use of world-leading emotional intelligence assessments to achieve specific individual and group goals.

Why EQ?

A fast-changing world with greater complexity, uncertainty and stress requires skill development in leadership, collaborating with others, and being able to adapt to quickly moving social and technological changes. Emotional intelligence helps develop these skills.

EQ focuses on what is really important- abilities and attitudes we want for ourselves, our children and others: respectful relationships, feeling healthy, confidence in oneself, living a balanced life, and meeting commitments and goals.

our approach

Emotional Intelligence in Action

Emotions are a feedback loop that help us survive and thrive. Check out these 7 Amazing Facts about Emotions.

Eating healthy food and valuing nutrition, being active, feeling energised, and being able to participate physically and mentally
Being confident in and knowledgeable of one’s ability to accomplish tasks; managing expectations and moods to set and reach challenging goals
Feeling happy, content and balanced; being able to keep events and experiences in perspective, whether challenging or successful
Attaining successes, fulfilling commitments; being diligent and conscienctious; being able to consistently accomplish objectives
Having friends to talk to and rely on, participating in a social network; being able to foster mutually respectful relationships

How do Dragonfly differ?




Creating Focus

The foundation of our curriculum is the Six Seconds model. This helps to create a specific focus for outcomes, moving past general concepts of teambuilding and leadership and zooming in on measurable competencies. It starts from learning more about yourself, progressing to considering options and effects and then to applying on a wider stage.

Taking Action

EQ can be learned and improved, and the best way to learn is by doing and through real-life experiences. Dragonfly uses a change process to go from where we are towards where we want to be. The Change Map helps guide goal setting, activity framing and reflection.

Producing Results

EQ is measurable. Pre-course assessments help to set group and individual objectives. Post-course assessments look comparatively at team and individual results. They provide insight and guidelines for continued learning and development.
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