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Our Mission

Our mission is to foster personal growth for positive change that transforms individuals, communities, and organizations.

Dragonfly places an emphasis on putting practice into action. We believe in developing skills that are necessary for people to be change-makers in a complex and dynamic world.

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The Beginnings

In the early 2000’s, outdoor education was relatively unknown in Hong Kong, China and the region. Co-founder Will Huetinck was an international school teacher, and in 2001 began designing and organizing week-long courses for students. He had noticed earlier that most of the programs on offer in Hong Kong had little focus on personal development and were much more recreational. As a result, he created one of the first week-long international school programs in Yangshuo, China, that integrated adventure and community activities with cultural awareness and personal development. During that time Will saw what a life-changing impact a well led course could have on an individual. It was that light bulb moment that led to Dragonfly.

Growing Roots

Dragonfly was still a new company in 2004. Will Huetinck came in and created lesson plans for activities and made an early personal development curriculum. Dragonfly quickly spread operations and has been the first and only company in the industry to extend continuous operations across all of Hong Kong and in China. Dragonfly led the way in developing new sites and activities in different regions of China. The company grew from a handful of courses in late 2004 to having over 3500 participants a year in 2008, serving dozens of schools and organizations.


Becoming an Industry Leader

Dragonfly has always believed in continuous improvement. In doing so, Dragonfly became an industry leader by having a strong learning focus, experienced and highly trained facilitators. We created immersive experiential Mandarin programs and developed meaningful community service projects. The company extended services to other regional countries. Adilah Syed Ali, our Director of Programs, was instrumental in beginning programs in Malaysia and in supporting the company’s overall growth and operations.


Innovation and Focus

There was one area Dragonfly always wanted to focus more on, and that was having a specific approach to personal development. Clients often emphasized course goals such as having fun, getting out in nature, general teamwork and leadership. But, Dragonfly wanted to go deeper. Mike Thomas, Director of Learning and Development, joined Dragonfly seeking an opportunity to apply social and emotional learning to outdoor and experiential courses. His ideas easily meshed with Will’s vision and helped to drive it forward. This gave facilitators specific tools to use to create a greater focus on self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.


EQ Partnership

Dragonfly started working with Six Seconds, a world leader in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training and assessment. Their methods are based on decades of experience and ongoing scientific research. In 2016, Dragonfly became a Preferred Partner. Six Seconds methods allow goals to be much more specific when focusing on growth and development. EQ assessments offer greater insight when setting course objectives, while actual outcomes are measurable. Our partnership has helped provide the support and expertise to fulfill long term goals in meeting the needs of the broader school community- students, teachers and school management, families and businesses.

next steps...

Dragonfly is one of a few training companies globally applying EQ and assessment, serving youth and adults. We are looking far out to the horizon, when EQ is a regular part of education and business management, widely practiced by individuals and within organizations. Over the next decade we will be at the forefront, practicing and teaching EQ, innovating and improving. We encourage you to join us in creating positive change within ourselves and those around us.

Six Seconds

Six Seconds was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting people to create positive change. The world would be a better place if a billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). So, they research and share scientific-based transformational tools & methods to support that goal.

With offices and representatives in 25 countries and members in 167 countries, their community extends the globe. From schools where children love to learn, to corporations where people thrive, to programs ​rebuilding lives, Six Seconds’ solutions are life-changing – and empower people to take ownership of a positive future.